Aug 28, 2017

Short Stories

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I have mainly read your short stories and I love reading them and have ideas for writing one as well but don't know how to!! Can you help? How did you start planning them? Also, how did you make the secret admirer mystery?! I have a mystery book as well which is also in the planning phase but I'm not able to get the ideas that easily. Any tips?

Aug 28, 2017

Hi! I wrote a post explaining the secret admirer mystery as an answer to someone else's question... you can find it under @theunicornthequeen's "Inspiration and Planning" question in this section of the forum.


As for short stories, I think of them as mini-novels, and plan accordingly. Even though you're only capturing a brief moment in the character's life, you still need all the same attention-grabbing things and plot-development that you would need for a full book, it's just more condensed. This can be challenging! I like to follow a basic story-structure framework to make sure I'm hitting all the important moments... there are lots of detailed variations, but what I follow is basically the 3-Act structure.

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