Jul 29, 2017

Email list ideas


Edited: Aug 17, 2017

I'm planning to send out monthly emails to all of my subscribers... what would you like to see in the emails?


Do you just want updates on what I'm working on? Do you want to know more about me? Do you want me to create exclusive story content only my subscribers get to see?


Let me know what you want!


Obviously I would like information on what you are working on and I think it would be cool if you gave us exclusive information about you, your books, your characters, etc. Maybe it would be cool if you gave us some random information about you or tips as a writer every now and again?

Aug 7, 2017

@Theunicornthequeen I like the idea of including tips in the emails! I think I'll add that in this week's newsletter. ;)

Aug 28, 2017

I'd love to get to know you (and all other authors) better so maybe you could tell us some funny stories about your encounters? Or scary. Stories basically ;)

Aug 28, 2017

@anjinirola What kind of encounters do you want to hear about? Just life stuff?


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