Jul 29, 2017

Super-Fan Forum Guidelines


Edited: Aug 17, 2017

Otherwise titled "How to Stay Awesome"



Thank you for visiting my super-fan forum!


If you know me at all (and if you don't, you probably will soon!), you know that I love interacting with my readers. It is one of my absolute favorite things to do!


But I also love keeping a fun, positive vibe in those interactions. So, to make sure that vibe stays intact, please abide by the following when interacting in this forum:


1. Be kind. (Please no bullying, criticizing, or insulting other members. Joking is allowed and encouraged! Just please make sure it builds up rather than tears down.)


2. PG, please! (I have readers of all ages, so please keep all content and language PG-level or below. )


3. Have fun!


Failure to abide by these guidelines will result in you being banned from the forum... and nobody wants that!


I can't wait to interact with all of you. This is going to be fun!


(So fun that I had to find an image of a cat high-fiving to represent it. Now THAT's fun!)



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