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The Leyward Stones

There's no hallowed ground to save you from what you will read in this series. Mystical Fae, boundaries between worlds, secrets hidden in plain sight. If your wanderlust hasn't taken you far enough, then step through the Veil and explore a whole new world.

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Something different this way comes.

Since Leyward Stones is a complex, expansive story world, I've decided to invite readers to experience the world alongside me in multiple ways as it expands and grows:

Jump in on the completed three-part serial of Season 1 (Macchiatos, Faerie Princes, and Other Things That Happen at Midnight), or the ongoing Season 2 (Fate Rising), through Kindle Vella...


Purchase the e-books or paperbacks of the series...


Or plunge right in to the full Leyward Stones fantasy world inside PirateCat! There you'll find all the ongoing books and other content I'm creating in the Leyward Stones world, exclusive short stories, behind the scenes content, and more. There's even a full "Worldpedia" with loads of deep worldbuilding content about this series to explore! (Plus PirateCat includes all my other clean YA books and stories too!)


You can also read about the world and get updates in the Leyward Stones category on my blog. My blog also has links to some of the short stories set in Leyward Stones that have been published in sci-fi and fantasy magazines!

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The Leyward Stones
Trilogy 1

Book 1 of The Leyward Stones (Macchiatos, Faerie Princes, and Other Things That Happen at Midnight)
Book 2 of The Leyward Stones (LeyGuards, Faespells, and Other Things That Breach the Veil)
Book 3 of The Leyward Stones (Fae Curses, Dark Kings, and Other Things That Must Fall)

Secrets can't hide forever... especially when they involve Fae.

Get ready for a world of magic, Fae, monsters, mystery and sweet romance... all in this new, clean YA urban fantasy series from author Crystal Crawford!

Mystical Fae, LeyGuards sworn to protect the boundaries, magic galore, dragons, and more... and in this world, secrets are hidden in plain sight.


Clean YA paranormal urban fantasy full of fae, folklore, romance, and all things magicky and mysterious!


Ways to read:

All three books are now available in e-book, paperback, and hardcover! You can purchase them at the retailer of your choice using the "Get the Books" link below.


On PirateCat, you can also read all three books in the trilogy (plus bonus short stories and more):

  • Macchiatos, Faerie Princes, and Other Things That Happen at Midnight

  • LeyGuards, FaeSpells, and Other Things That Breach the Veil

  • Fae Curses, Dark Kings, and Other Things That Must Fall

The original version of the story is also still on Kindle Vella, where the entire trilogy is available in one, complete serial under Macchiatos, Faerie Princes, and Other Things That Happen at Midnight.

Whichever reading method you choose, you're in for an exciting story!


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When Lena befriends the mysterious new boy next door, she discovers a terrifying folklore creature is targeting her father. To save him, Lena must dive into a dangerous world of Fae, magic, secrets, & a war she never knew existed.


What she learns could change her life--and the LeyGuard--forever.

Fate Rising, the next installment in the Leyward Stones story world, is now actively posting twice-weekly episodes on Kindle Vella and inside my PirateCat reading portal!

I have a lot of exciting things planned for this storyline. It's going to be a wild ride!

Fate Rising can be read independently of Season 1/ Trilogy 1, but those who have read both will definitely notice some fun cameos and crossovers between the two storylines.

New episodes will post every Tuesday and Saturday until the serial is completed!

(The first 3 episodes are always free to read on Kindle Vella!)

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