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The Leyward Stones

There's no hallowed ground to save you from what you will read in this series. Mystical Fae, boundaries between worlds, secrets hidden in plain sight. If your wanderlust hasn't taken you far enough, then peer through the veil and step into this world. 

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Something different this way comes.

Since Leyward Stones is a complex, expansive story world, I've decided to invite readers to experience the world alongside me in multiple ways as it expands and grows!

Jump in on my ongoing serial through Kindle Vella, Amazon's brand new, episodic story platform, or plunge right in to the full Leyward Stones fantasy world inside PirateCat! There you'll find all the ongoing books and other content I'm creating in the Leyward Stones world, exclusive short stories, behind the scenes content, and more. You can also read about the world and get updates in the Leyward Stones category on my blog. My blog also has links to some of the short stories set in Leyward Stones that have been published in sci-fi and fantasy magazines!

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Macchiatos, Faerie Princes, and Other Things That Happen at Midnight

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What if you accidentally save a Fae prince's life? 


Ayla knows nothing of LeyGuards, Fae, or the war. She's just trying to survive senior year and navigate a tentative new romance with her best friend. But as school drama ramps up, her ailing grandfather worsens, & mysterious strangers appear, those closest to Ayla are keeping secrets. Secrets can't hide forever, especially when they involve Fae.

Clean YA paranormal fantasy full of fae, folklore, romance, and all things magicky and mysterious!


New episodes every Friday in both Kindle Vella and PirateCat!

On Kindle Vella, this entire trilogy is all posting in one story under Macchiatos, Faerie Princes, and Other Things That Happen at Midnight. 


On PirateCat, you'll be able to read all three books in the trilogy:

  • Macchiatos, Faerie Princes, and Other Things That Happen at Midnight

  • LeyGuards, FaeSpells, and Other Things That Breach the Veil

  • Fae Curses, Dark Kings, and Other Things That Must Fall

Books 1 & 2 are already available to binge inside PirateCat, and Book 3 will be launching soon!

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With my in-progress Fate Rising triology!


An ancient world of traditions and omens comes colliding into Lena's life. Her very first encounter lights questions without answers. Death walks down Lena's street.

But, she says, "Frank wasn't my first dead body."

Fate Rising, will be the next trilogy to launch in the Leyward Stones series, and will be posting inside PirateCat! To receive all the latest updates as I get ready to launch new stories, be sure to subscribe to my (free) monthly newsletter!

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