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Welcome to my online bookstore! 
Per reader request, here you can purchase autographed copies of some of my books.  
If there's one of my books you'd like to purchase as an autographed copy that you don't see here, please contact me. 

Most of my books are also available for purchase through Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and other retailers -- though the only place to purchase autographed copies (if that's what you're looking for!) is directly through me.
To view a full listing of all the books I have available for regular purchase, with links to various retailers, please visit my Books page.

But if you're looking for autographed copies, then... browse below!

Autographed Paperback - I'm Not a Stalker (Book 1 of The Stalker Mystery Set)

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Get your autographed paperback of I'm Not a Stalker (Book 1 of The Stalker Mystery Set)!

(This is for the autographed paperback only; the regular paperback and e-book are available directly from Amazon here:

NOTE: This comes with just a signature; if you want the book autographed with a note to a specific recipient, please add this in the notes when you place the order, or email me at


A secret admirer. Mystery emails. And maybe a stalker?
Anissa's life at her new college flips upside-down in this comedic love-story-mystery with a twist.
Check out the book readers are calling "clever," "mind-blowing," and "so freaking good!"

When Anissa accidentally confesses a crush via group email, she finds herself in the middle of her hot-but-shy crush, a jealous ex-boyfriend, and an email chain full of nosy classmates. But when mysterious secret-admirer messages start arriving from a guy who seems too good to be true, and Anissa begins falling for him, there's a new problem: she has 31 days to figure out who he is or he'll vanish forever. Presented uniquely through texts and emails, this book is more than it may at first seem. Its quirky humor and vibrant characters will transport you into the story, and have you cheering, laughing, crying, and rooting for Anissa to find her man.
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