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PirateCat Publishing is my privately owned, online reading portal where (with a very affordable monthly or yearly subscription) my readers can read ALL my clean, young adult fiction and nonfiction in one place!


Indie author M.J. Padgett has partnered with me, and put a bunch of her YA reading content in there, too.


Between the two of us, we have DOZENS of books and stories in the platform (including full series) with new content adding regularly!

It's a very cost effective way to read LOADS of great YA stories... but it's also interactive, meaning you can:

  • browse and read all you want!

  • leave comments on chapters

  • join chat threads to discuss the books and stories

  • ask the authors questions

  • message with other readers

  • browse story world encyclopedias for some of the books and series

  • and more!

And I'm planning to add more features as we grow.

Ready to read TONS of fabulous YA books and stories?

Your new favorite story worlds and characters await you!

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