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October Freebies and Sales!

Hi, everyone! Usually I send out a list of promotions and freebies in my monthly newsletter, but this month, I thought I'd streamline some things (and prevent having a gajillion links in my newsletter) by putting them all in one place... here!

My books are in a lot of promos this month -- some giveaways/freebies, and some Kindle Unlimited promos. I've broken the promotions down by type below, with a brief explanation of each so that you can navigate them more easily. Just click on the banner image to be taken to each promo.

A quick note... I've placed the KU promos at the bottom, but they actually expire sooner than some of the free book promos (one of them as early as October 1st!), so if you're limited on time right now you may want to scroll down to catch those before they end.

Here are this month's promotions...

Free Book Promos

(All the books in these promotions are totally free, and you can choose as many as you want! You may be asked to subscribe to an author's email list to before receiving your free book.)

I'm posting the banners in the order that the Giveaways expire, because some of them are ending soon and I don't want you to miss them!

This one is a giveaway (free book) promo containing books that have twist endings, time travel, or otherwise warp time (or your mind!) in some way. You may want to hurry on this one... it ends October 3rd!

This is a giveaway for clean fiction -- which generally means nothing too violent or graphic, no swearing, and no sexual content beyond flirtation or possibly kissing. Clean may vary book to book, but these are generally the norms. This promotion is for clean fiction from all genres, so you'll find a wide variety of styles and types of books here... and they're all free!

Note: There are actually two of the All Genre Clean Giveaway promos running this month, on two different book sites... each one has a slightly-different assortment of books, so you may want to take a look at both! I'm including the second banner just below.

Both of these "All Genre Clean Giveaway" promos end October 19th.

This is another Sweet Romance promo -- for those warm-fuzzy romance feels! This promo is specifically for books which are first in a series, and it's a Giveaway promo, meaning it's a great, no-risk opportunity to try out the first book in multiple series and find your next set of binge reads! This promo ends October 25th.

All the books in this promotion are written by Christian authors -- but not all of the books are overtly religious. If you want to support some Christian authors, or prefer Christian worldview or themes in your stories, this is a good chance to explore some new authors for free! This promo ends October 29th.

Another romance giveaway! This one is "Cozy and Clean" romance, meaning it's relationship-focused romance meant to give you those warm-fuzzy feels, without a bunch of swearing, violence, or sexual content. And they're all free! This promo ends October 30th.

This one is all Science Fiction and Fantasy... and all free! This promo ends October 31st.

Another Science Fiction and Fantasy giveaway for this month! (And yes, I know the banner says "Fantasty"... I didn't make the banner! :P ) All the books in this promo are free... promo ends October 31st!

Kindle Unlimited Promos

(These KU promotions are curated, genre-specific or theme-specific lists of Kindle Unlimited reads. If you have a KU membership, you can read any of these free through KU! If you aren't a KU member but are interested in any of these books, you can purchase them through the links provided instead.)

This promotion is all Sweet YA romance. "Sweet" romance generally means a focus on the connection/relationship with limited sexual content. These are also YA books, so most of them will feature teen or young adult protagonists and typical YA tropes -- which Iove! My book I'm Not a Stalker is in this promo... and if you want to read it on KU, now's the best time, because it will be leaving KU later this month!

Note: The Back-to-School Sweet Young Adult Romance promo ends October 1st! You should hurry on this one if you're interested.

This promotion is all Science Fiction and Fantasy in Kindle Unlimited. If you're not in KU, you can always explore to see if there are any you may want to buy... otherwise, if you're in KU you can read these for free! This promotion ends October 15th.

That's it for this month's promos!

If you find any great books in here, or any specific types of promos you really enjoyed and would like to see more of in my blog/newsletters in the future, reach out and let me know!

Thanks for reading!

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