Spinner Story: Introduction!

Updated: Sep 28, 2020

Update as of September 2020:

The actual chapters from The Spinner Story project are no longer available to read here on the blog, but for good reason... the Spinner Story is becoming a novel! Now titled Ghost Trouble, the book is set to be published in late 2020, and will be free to all my newsletter subscribers! Be sure to subscribe to my newsletter if you haven't already, so you can get your copy when it releases!

I'm leaving up the Spin list and the Live Spin video links for each chapter, in case anyone is still interested in seeing those. I can't wait for you all to read the final book!


Original Post:


Welcome to my brand-new, experimental writing project: Spinner Story! Find out everything you need to know about this project... and how YOU can be a part of it... in this post.

(If you prefer video to reading, you can also click the image below to see my Facebook video explaining the Spinner Story concept and how this all works.)

So what is the Spinner Story?

YOU help me plot a story...

by submitting feedback that I then use a random spinner to piece together into my plan for each chapter!

You can submit your choices for the current chapter on this feedback form. [Note: Feedback form no longer available since project is in completion phase!]

Your submitted choices on the form will apply to whichever chapter I am planning next for the story, and will be added to that week's Story Spinner for inclusion in the next Live Spinner Story Selection video.

The actual selection process will be done live via Facebook video.  Once the live selection video happens, I will write and post the resulting chapter within 1 week.

Like and follow my Facebook page to get updates for when I'm going Live or posting a chapter!

Want to add a death to the spinner? 

To spare my poor characters from kill-happy plot lines, there's a small $3 deterrent for choosing "Death."   But hey, who am I to stop you? 

If you really want to kill off one of my characters, have at it!   


  1. Write the details of your desired Death option into the "Catastrophe" field on the form, then

  2. Click "Add to Cart" below the form  to pay your Death Fee and put my characters' lives on the line. 

Purchasing a death does not GUARANTEE a death... but it does guarantee I'll put a death option on the spinner.  The rest is up to chance.  ;)  (There is also no guarantee who I'll kill if I do spin a death.)

If you really want to kill off someone, you can fill up the whole spinner by purchasing multiple "Deaths." Don't worry; I won't judge you. 

(Deaths are first-come, first-serve!  The spinner maxes out at 10 death options.)

Don't want to kill someone?  Don't worry! You can choose literally anything else to type into the Catastrophe field.

I give a few days for collecting feedback between chapters, then I do a LIVE video on my Facebook page to spin and select the plot elements for the next chapter I'll be writing... Once I have the results, I write the chapter, post it here on this blog, and then do the whole process again!

My plan, when I've completed a full book chapter-by-chapter this way, is to publish the book and then start another... eventually creating a whole series of Spinner Stories.

Ambitious, I know, but hey... it's working well so far!

Now that you know how this works, you can:

  1. Check out my Facebook page to see previous Live Spin videos

  2. Check the other posts on this blog to read any chapters that have been written and posted so far

  3. Hop over to the feedback form and give your input on my next chapter!

Feel free to comment and/or email me at ccrawford@ccrawfordwriting.com to let me know what you think of the Spinner Story chapters! You can also Like my Facebook page so that you'll see updates whenever I post them.

Thanks for checking this out!

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