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Updated: Feb 2, 2023

If you're seeing this, I want your feedback!!!

One of my goals in 2023 is to simplify, and focus on the things that bring the best returns (to my business, to my life, etc.).

As part of that effort, I want to make sure I'm giving all of YOU (my readers, newsletter subscribers, and site members) the best as well. This poll will help me do that!

It is only 7 questions, and should take 1-2 minutes to complete, at most.

THANK YOU! I look forward to reading your answers!

Are you a monthly newsletter subscriber, a Site Member (for my blog at, or both?

  • Newsletter Subscriber

  • Site Member

  • Both

  • Neither--I found this poll some other way.

How did you find out about my newsletter list and/or become a Site Member?

  • One of your published books

  • One of your blog posts

  • Random post (in group or feed) on social media

  • Direct recommendation from a friend

Which of my published works have you read, or are currently reading? (Select all that apply.)

  • Macchiatos, Faerie Princes, and Other... (on Kindle Vella)

  • The Leyward Stones series (in PirateCat)

  • The Lex Chronicles / Legends of Arameth

  • I'm Not a Stalker / The Five Suspects

You can vote for more than one answer.

What published content would you be MOST excited to see from me this year? (Choose your #1 preference!)

  • More Kindle Vella stories! (new series and/or more variety)

  • Books 1-3 of The Leyward Stones released in ebook/paperback!

  • Ghost Trouble released in ebook/paperback!

  • Another fiction-writing handbook (e-book/paperback)

If you have not read any of my Kindle Vella stories, what's stopping you? (Select all that apply.)

  • I don't like reading online.

  • I don't trust Amazon and/or don't use them.

  • I would rather wait and read them as e-books.

  • I would rather wait and read them as paperbacks.

You can vote for more than one answer.

If you haven't subscribed to PirateCat Publishing as a way to access my writing, what's stopping you? (Select all that apply.)

  • I'm not interested in reading online.

  • I've already read all (or most) of what's inside PirateCat.

  • It doesn't seem worth the subscription cost.

  • I don't know what PirateCat is.

You can vote for more than one answer.

Where have you read and/or purchased my books and stories? (Select all that apply.)

  • Amazon (ebook, paperback, or audiobook)

  • Barnes & Noble (ebook or paperback)

  • Google Books

  • Smashwords

You can vote for more than one answer.

Thank you so much for completing this poll!

If you have any ideas/suggestions you'd like to send me outside your answers here, you can reach me at

Thanks again! :)

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