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Updated: Sep 28, 2020

**Update as of September 2020: The Spinner Story is becoming a book! In its final stages of completion, the finished novel will be titled Ghost Trouble and will be available free to my newsletter subscribers! Be sure to subscribe to my newsletter so you can get your free copy once it's available! The Spinner Story chapters themselves are no longer available on my blog due to the book going to publication soon, but I am leaving up the links to all the spins and live spin videos in case anyone is curious!**


Original post:


I am very excited to announce that The Spinner Story (which took a bit of a vacation due to my pregnancy exhaustion last year) is starting back up THIS WEEK!

We're not only coming back, we're coming back better than ever! :) So if you're new or a returning fan of Jayana and Roger and their shenanigans, here's what to expect.

First thing to know, if you're just joining us, is what in the world The Spinner Story is!

It's super simple: Every week I go Live in a Facebook video and spin three spinners full of suggestions from readers, subscribers--and my kids! The results of these three spins supply the plot for that week's chapter. I give myself the week to write and post the chapter here on the blog, then we do a Live spin video again so I can write the next chapter... and on and on it goes until the story is "done!"

The entire premise and plot for this book, from the very beginning, have been dependent on these spins... but the characters and their story have emerged and solidified and now we're just on the crazy ride of figuring out what in the world will happen to them each week as the story careens toward a resolution! Every week it's my challenge to try to wrangle the spin elements into a coherent plot that still builds the story toward a proper ending.

The three spinners for each week look like this:

The Goal, Conflict/Obstacle, and Catastrophe then provide my plot for that week's chapter. Sometimes I end up with a halfway reasonable plot, and sometimes... I don't. (I'm looking at you, skydiving with fire-breathing chickens!) But I always find a way to make it work!

My promise to myself (and to you!) is that I will do my best to work every plot element into the story as naturally and seamlessly as possible. But I do realize this promise might be the very reason so many of you tried to throw crazy things at me every single week. You like to see me struggle!

Second important thing: The Spinner Story is already written through Chapter 5, and you can read all the chapters so far (and see the previous Live Spin videos) here!

I'll be starting with Chapter 6 when I relaunch this week, but don't worry--there will be no spoilers in the relaunch video, so you can still show up and throw your ideas at me, even if you haven't had time to catch up on the story yet! I'm going to do one chapter a week, until I feel the characters and story are reaching a natural conclusion/resolution. My aim is to end up with ten to fifteen chapters total (maybe more, maybe less, depending on how many zany, meandering paths the spins take the characters on), which means I have to keep the story focused and building in tension and conflict even while delivering on the aforementioned promise. It's a challenge, for sure! But it has also been a lot of fun.

And the final and MOST important thing: How you can join in!

I'll be going Live on my Facebook page at 3:00 pm EST on this Friday (July 3rd) for our re-launch Live Spin video... and then every Friday thereafter! In the past I took submissions to fill up the spinners ahead of time, and then spun Live, but this time we'll be doing it a bit differently: I'll be taking the suggestions Live, too, and then spinning right there in the same video. My kids will be there tossing out ideas to help fill up the spinners, and I'd love for you to join us and toss me ideas, too! When the spinners are full, I'll spin and that will be my plot for the next chapter! Be sure to follow my Facebook page and turn on notifications so you'll get a reminder when we go Live!


We did the Live Video on July 3rd! You can watch it here. Chapter 6 (based on the spins from the video) is in the works and will be posted in a few days! In the meantime, feel free to get caught up on all the previous chapters here on the blog. :)

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