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Batbeth Burnett
Aug 01, 2017
In Chat About My Stories
So, as all of us here know, those of us who are here are CCrawfordWriting's super-fans (yay us!). We've read Crystal's amazing writing, and we've enjoyed so much of what she has given us. She's an amazing writer, and her most popular book, "I'm Not A Stalker!", deserves all of the love that it's getting. Really. It's amazing (as we all know). However, I do believe that many of her other works are greatly under-appreciated. So, in this forum, we're gonna talk about Crystal Crawford's OTHER stories and give them all of the love they deserve too! I'll start. (And hey Crystal, if you wanna say anything about your other works too, feel free to do so! :D) The story that I believe to be Crystal's most under-rated work is probably, "The Child". If you haven't read it, it's a creepy tale about a woman who wakes up in a hospital having recently given birth but believes that there is something wrong with her newborn son. This story took me through one heck of a ride, with a dozen twists and turns in each new chapter - a perpetual cliffhanger, if you will, that lasted until the very end of the story. It was an intense, spine-chilling ride for sure, but it's one that you won't regret. But that's just my choice. What was yours? Was it the humorous tale, "When Strangers Feed You," or maybe the haunting short story, "The Song of the Siren"? Let the fabulous Crystal Crawford and all of us super-fans know in the forum conversation. :)

Batbeth Burnett

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