Update as of July 2020...

I am currently taking spinner submissions LIVE in my videos, rather than through this form!  To submit your ideas, please follow my Facebook page and catch the next Live Spin video! (Don't forget to turn on notifications for my page so you'll get an alert when I go live!)


Spinner Story

submission form

(where you throw random ideas at me and I try to make them into a story.)


For a full explanation of how the Spinner Story works, watch this video.

To read the chapters written so far, go to my Spinner Story blog!

Help me plot a story...

by submitting feedback that I then use a random spinner to piece together into my plan for each chapter!

This is the form for submitting the choices I will add onto the spinner.  

(Your submitted choices on the form below will apply to whichever chapter I am planning next for the story, and will be added to that week's Story Spinner for inclusion in the next Live Spinner Story Selection video.)


Submit spinner ideas for the next chapter!

Ready to give me your ideas?


First...  I need a name to call you so I can give you a shout-out if your option gets chosen when I do the live videos!

Great!  Now it's time to help me choose this chapter's plot!

Have fun and be creative! 

You can type ANYTHING in the short-answer boxes below! 

Just please make sure it fits the category of that box.


(Submitting an idea is totally free!... unless you want to kill someone.

Please remember to pay the $3 Death Fee if you want to put any type of death as the Catastrophe!  Just use the PayPal "Add to Cart" button at the bottom of this form.)

*Disclaimer: by submitting choices below and/or purchasing a "Death," you are agreeing to allow me to use your suggestions in the creation and writing of a story and/or book.   The resulting book will be authored by me, Crystal Crawford, and as such the final plot and story will be subject to my discretion and authorial interpretation.  The resulting chapters and story are my intellectual property and subject to copyright under my name.   Submitting this form means you are freely offering your suggestions and input with full understanding of this.*

Want to purchase a "Death" option?  


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