The VIP Chat Room is a brand-new feature from CCrawfordWriting, and I'm so excited about its launch!

However, I understand that there may be some questions.  Please check the FAQs below.  If you still don't find the answer you need, email me and I'll do what I can to help!

Thank you!

Chat Room FAQs
  • Why is there a cost for this chat room?

    • The chat room is hosted via third-party software which has a monthly cost. In order to offset my expenses, I need to charge a small amount to my chat room users so that I'm not totally going in debt by running this chat room.  However, I only charge $1/month -- it's really very little!  But this money helps me to pay the costs of the app I use and compensate for the time and effort it takes to maintain the chat.  You can also earn a free subscription by supporting me through referrals.  (See below!)

  • How does the chat room work?

    • You will need several things to access the chat.  First, you will need the link and password to the chat page from me, which you will receive upon subscription.  Second, you will need to create a user account within the chat room.  Once this is done, you'll be in the chat!  You can log in and out as you like, participate in group chats, and even privately message other users.

  • Can I chat anytime?

    • YES!  The number of other participants in the chat will vary, but you are free to use the chat anytime you like.  There are occasional, scheduled Topic Chats that focus on particular subjects, but the rest of the time, the chat room is there just for all of us to interact and connect however you like!

  • Can I invite friends?

    • Yes, and please do!  Inviting friends can even earn you a free month - or more! - in the chat room.  (See below.)

  • Are there rules?


You can earn a subscription to the chat room completely FREE 
by sharing the chat with others!
Here's how:
For each friend you invite to the chat, you will receive 1 free month of chat access, even if your friend never joins the chat!
You can earn up to a full year in the chat room for free simply by inviting 12 others (one for each free month).
Why would I offer this?   Because payment comes in more ways than money.  By spreading the word about my chat room, you are increasing my visibility, bringing traffic to my site, and helping me grow my readership. 
"Great!  So how do I get the free subscription?" 
Email me a screenshot, link to a social media post, or other evidence that you have shared my chat room with others by sending them this link to my chat room schedule: .  
(If the above "Email me" link doesn't work, just send the email to with the Subject line "I want to chat for free!")
 Once I get your message, I will email you back with an access code to set up an account in the chat room for free.  I will make a note of how many people  you invited, and preserve your access to the chat for the appropriate time period.  It's that easy!


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