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ya romance

Get ready to swoon, laugh, and maybe even cry with my romantic comedy series! From contemporary romance to rom-com with a sci-fi twist, here you can find stories that deliver all the warm-fuzzy feels with a good dose of humor, drama, and happy endings. 

The Secret Messages Sweet YA Romance Series

I'm Not a Stalker book cover

What happens when you hit Reply All on an email and accidentally confess your crush to your entire Physics class?  Anissa is about to find out!  In I'm Not a Stalker, Anissa attempts to survive her first semester of college--while trying to keep her social life and love life from completely imploding. Packed with humor, drama, hilariously nosy classmates, and a mysterious secret admirer,  this book is a fun, fast-paced read with a surprise twist!

The Five Suspects book cover

As the companion book to I'm Not a Stalker, the bonus book The Five Suspects delivers a bit more drama and suspense as it delves into alternate points-of-view to reveal the story of I'm Not a Stalker  from the guys' perspectives! 


There are also more books to come in this series soon!


You can purchase the e-books and paperbacks at various online retailers, or read the entire series inside PirateCat! Find out more about this series, or jump in to read now, at the links below.

Doppelgangers, octopus aliens, and love triangles, oh my!  Cowritten by myself and MJ Padgett, this quirky sci-fi rom-com series offers up a buffet of feels and wild ride of twists, action, and shenanigans.  Love and Aliens is the first official series under our joint publishing imprint, and trust me, you don’t want to miss this one! The first book in the series, The Extraordinary Extraterrestrial Love Lives of Doppelgangers, is already published and there are more books to come.

Love and Aliens

Book cover for The Extraordinary Extraterrestrial Love Lives of Doppelgangers

This book is available for purchase in e-book, paperback, hardback, and audiobook, and is also posting in weekly installments on PirateCat, if you'd like to read it there!


Find out more about the Love and Aliens series -- or jump into reading the books -- at the links below.


Flash Fiction!

Looking for a fantasy, paranormal, or sci-fi story world you could visit on your lunch break (or less)? Look no further! You can experience multiple worlds on my blog at the link below. And If you're interested in short stories from the Arameth and Leyward Stones worlds, be sure to check out PirateCat! I have some exclusive stories available only on that platform.  

In 2019-2020 (and extending through part of 2021), I joined a writing challenge. One of the requirements is to write fresh short stories and flash regularly... sometimes several a month.  While this challenge has been, well, a challenge, it has also had the enormous benefit of pushing me to create new and original story worlds again and again!  While some of my short stories and flash are earmarked for uses which prohibit me from sharing them online (and still others are set aside for exclusive PirateCat readership!), I do have a few on my blog to read for free. 

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