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Legends of Arameth

A dark force is terrorizing Arameth, and those out to stop it have a serious problem: their prophesied hero is dead.

 - excerpt from the blurb for The Lex Chronicles trilogy (Legends of Arameth)

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So What Is Arameth, Exactly?

Map of Arameth

"One of the best things about writing fantasy is the freedom to immerse my readers — and myself -–in a different reality.  It’s an amazing privilege to transport another person into a world which began in my mind."

- Crystal Crawford

Arameth is the first fantasy world Crystal Crawford ever created. It emerged slowly, in flashes of inspiration and bits and pieces of ideas, over a thirteen-year period until it finally solidified into its final form.

Legends of Arameth diverges from the typical epic fantasy in that it includes a real-world element... but how and why it all ties together is a story for the books themselves to tell you!


Arameth’s world is not a utopia—it has darkness. It is both a world in its own right and also a connecting point between other worlds, which you’ll learn more about as you read The Lex Chronicles.  I have plenty of future storylines and characters within the larger Legends of Arameth story universe to explore! So although The Lex Chronicles is a completed trilogy, the larger Legends of Arameth series will be continuing to expand.

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The Symbols of Lex Chronicles Book 1

The WorldForce

Arameth is both surrounded by and infused with The Worldforce, a massive, unseen network of energetic, electrical pathways which functions similar to neurons in the brain.  In Arameth, everything is connected, because everything touches the Worldforce.  For many of the characters and groups of people in my world, this basic knowledge is as far as it goes; however, there are some cultures which have found a deeper connection to the Worldforce, a way in which it communicates with them... and they have discovered something not everyone in Arameth knows –- the Worldforce is not simply an atmospheric reality for Arameth, it is something more.

What is Arameth?


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Illustration of a Wrassek

They had barely gone ten steps before the bulging shapes emerged around them, dark pillars rising from the sand like living statues. They let out a hideous, unified screech, their wings snapping outward to reveal black, batlike bodies. Lex cried out as the edge of a dark wing swiped his face, slicing it open. 

...The creatures were large as cows but with furry, two-legged bodies and long, leathery wings tipped with small, clawed hands. Faces of a giant bat but with dark, almost-human eyes. Thin lips peeled back into a grimace revealing yellow, needle-like fangs. 

— excerpt from The Edge of Nothing: The Lex Chronicles, Book 1 (Legends of Arameth)

Wrasseks are even more terrifying than they at first seem... but I’ll let you read about that for yourself.



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Acarius turned to him. “...Humans are non-magic. In fact, they don’t even remember magic exists, at least until recently.  But it hasn’t always been that way.  The Ancients caused that.”

— excerpt from The Edge of Nothing: The Lex Chronicles, Book 1 (Legends of Arameth)

The story of The Lex Chronicles forces all three distinct groups into conflict, and Lex inadvertently ends up on the wrong of side of pretty much all of them.


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Illustration of Lex with a sword

The protagonist of this story, Lex is a seventeen-year-old with an unfortunate inability to remember who he is or why he has awoken tied up in a shed. Though “amnesiac hero” is a common trope, Lex’s amnesia is not arbitrary; it ties to who he is and is vital to the overall story of The Lex Chronicles.  Lex’s journey through this series is one of both self-discovery and outward discovery.  On the run for his life as the first book opens, Lex must decipher who to trust and how to survive while also struggling to find his place in an unfamiliar, sometimes unwelcoming world.  He must learn about Arameth and the dangers he faces whilst also uncovering the truth of his own past, which turns out to be far more complex—and significant—than he imagined.

Lex Chronicles Trilogy symbol

Ready to dive into this story world? 

Head over to my Books page for info on where you can purchase this series!

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