Looking to be immersed in a magical world happening within our own? Here you'll find info on all my paranormal and folklore-inspired books and stories...worlds with epic, magical beings and ancient, unseen battles all happening right here among us.

The Leyward Stones

Among the dusty backwoods of Georgia or the swampy recesses of Florida, strange things happen all the time. But Lena is about to discover that something ancient and unseen also lurks there – and it’s out for blood. A paranormal/urban fantasy series with a folklore twist, The Leyward Stones follows Lena, a teenage girl who’s already seen far too much of the dark side of life... but what lies ahead of her is more dangerous--and amazing--than she ever could have imagined. If you love folklore, fae stories, and clean paranormal fantasy, you’ll love The Leyward Stones!

I’m doing something different with this series – I’ll be posting the chapters as I write them on Patreon! (Patrons will also get a complimentary e-book of each book when it's published, among other perks!) This means I can really interact with all of you as these stories are emerging, and I’m so excited about that! 

Looking for a fantasy, paranormal, or sci-fi story world you could visit on your lunch break (or less)? Look no further! You can experience multiple worlds on my blog at the link below. And If you're interested in short stories from the Arameth and Leyward Stones worlds, be sure to check out my Patreon! I have some exclusive stories available only on that platform.  

Flash Fiction!

In 2019-2020 (and extending through part of 2021), I joined a writing challenge. One of the requirements is to write fresh short stories and flash regularly... sometimes several a month.  While this challenge has been, well, a challenge, it has also had the enormous benefit of pushing me to create new and original story worlds again and again!  While some of my short stories and flash are earmarked for uses which prohibit me from sharing them online (and still others are set aside for exclusive Patreon readership!), I do have a few on my blog to read for free.