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24 Reasons Everyone Should Have Book-Nerd Friends

Updated: Sep 28, 2020

  1. They have book or character analogies for every possible situation in life.

  2. They can calm you when you’re freaking out because “you’re just in the stressful part of the story, it always gets better… unless you’re the one getting killed off.”

  3.  They don’t ask for much… just a book… and quiet… and alone time… and maybe some chocolate or tea.

  4. They get starry-eyed whenever you take them to a book store, their gazes filling with all the wonder and hope in the universe.

  5. They never mind waiting on you because “It’s cool, I brought a book.”

  6. They have vast knowledge of multiple worlds stored in their brains.

  7. They can tell you what that cute, broody person is really thinking because “this is just like that person in a book I read…”

  8. They have the best relationship advice because they have studied all the relationships ever created in fiction and know exactly what made them work or not work

  9. They will stop you from saying dumb things like “Well, I can’t see how this could get any worse” by creepily whispering “Foreshadowing.

  10. They are soft, sensitive souls who feel deep empathy for others.

  11. They would burn something to the ground if someone sinks their ship… so you can probably count on them to have your back when you need it.

  12. They laugh randomly because they are replaying scenes from books in their heads.

  13.  They know all the best quiet spots.

  14. They can become one with the piece of furniture they are sitting in, unmoving for hours at a time.

  15. They always have a book to recommend.

  16. They build whimsical castle forts out of the towers of books in their rooms.

  17. They weep at fictional deaths.

  18. They don’t need furniture, just give them more books, they will stack them into tables and beds.

  19. They know exactly where a given book is at any given moment, even though they have seventy-four-million books all over the place.

  20. They are not afraid to feel all the feels.

  21. They have a wise quote for every occasion.

  22. They make great conversation… as long as you don’t mind talking about books.

  23. They ask thoughtful questions.

  24. They are fiercely loyal — to their favorite characters… but probably also to you.

What reasons would you add?


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