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Capturing the Demons

Updated: Sep 3, 2020

Sometimes when I sit down to write, my thoughts are like demons within me, romping about, bickering with one another, tussling in my brain. Every now and then one of them will call out to me, and I will struggle to capture it immediately, to imprison it in words on the page before it can slip once more from my grasp and resume its frantic scampering. I struggle with my thoughts one by one as they struggle with one another, and they are ever-moving, jumping, shifting, chaotic and unrelenting. Only when I have captured the very last one and fastened it firmly to the page do I finally feel a calm, elated peace – peace that comes, in part, from a sense that I have just accomplished something grand. I have wrestled my demons to the page, and now I can finally have a moment of silence.


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