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"Just Kisses" Sweet Serial Romance on Kindle Vella PROMO Starts Today!

I mentioned this promo in the newsletter I sent Thursday, but since the promo actually BEGINS today, I just wanted to let everyone know it's now live!

Also, I realized in my newsletter I said the tag to search on Vella for clean/sweet romance was #justkisses. It's actually not. Vella is particular about spacing, so if you type justkisses into the search bar, only a couple stories come up. The official tag is Just Kisses (with a space between the two words). So if you're looking for clean/sweet romance serials on Kindle Vella, be sure to check out the Just Kisses tag! Vella doesn't make it easy to navigate to a specific tag, but once you're on the Vella landing page (here), you can type Just Kisses into the Amazon search bar (which should automatically be set to search only in the Kindle Vella category), and it will show you a list of the stories that match that tag.

You can also manually go directly to the tag from MY Kindle Vella story, since it uses Just Kisses as one of its tag category labels. Just go to Macchiatos, Faerie Princes, and Other Things That Happen at Midnight here , then click the "Just Kisses" tag listed below my story description. It will take you to the full, browsable list of every story that uses that tag. (And if you're so inclined, take a minute to check out my first 3 free episodes... every read helps boost my story, and if you're enjoying it, you can Follow to save the story for later and/or unlock more episodes right away to keep reading!)

OR, if you want a head start on finding some great "Just Kisses" stories without having to browse the full list, just click the promo image below! These are all stories by authors who write clean/sweet romance, who teamed up to help each other's stories get some extra visibility this month. I'd love it if you could check out the stories on this list, and then Follow/try out the free 3 episodes on any you think might interest you! These Follows and Reads help Vella authors rise through the story ranks and get better visibility on the platform.

I hope you enjoy the reads!

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