So What Is Arameth, Exactly?

Updated: Sep 28, 2020

So What Is Arameth, Exactly?

(A follow-up to “Discovering Arameth: What I Learned from Building My First Fantasy World)


(This post is a continuation of the Guest Post I wrote for Jenelle Schmidt’s “February is Fantasy Month” blog series.  You can check out Part I of the post here or at the link above.  Be sure to also check out the other “February is Fantasy Month” posts while you’re there!)


A dark force terrorizes Arameth, and those out to stop it have a serious problem: their prophesied hero is dead.

— Blurb excerpt from The Edge of Nothing, book 1 of The Lex Chronicles (Legends of Arameth)— Blurb excerpt from The Edge of Nothing, book 1 of The Lex Chronicles (Legends of Arameth)


We’re here to talk about worldbuilding, and my journey from endless notes and maps and planning to something concrete and tangible and publishable. 

To that end, here is a brief tour of Arameth, to show you what emerged from this world and how it all came together.

Arameth is a world best explained by experiencing the story, however, there are a few key things which make Arameth, well, Arameth:

1. The Map

When I first began worldbuilding for Arameth, I was at a loss for where to begin.  I knew that many fantasy authors had maps of their worlds, so I thought, why not start there?  I created the actual map and the history/background for Arameth simultaneously, using the map as a guide to keep track of how my worldbuilding was progressing.  I felt like I was drawing things into the map aribitrarily, but oddly enough, when I looked back at the map years later, it had exactly what I needed to finish fleshing out my story and its world.  Huh.   

Here’s my initial version of the map from 2005:


And here’s the updated version, included in The Edge of Nothing (The Lex Chronicles, Book 1) in 2018.  (Part of it is intentionally blurred, but I’ll explain that in a moment):

Map of Arameth-01_edited

The storyline of the trilogy naturally progresses through different physical locations in the Arameth world.  I decided to reveal the map a little more at the start of each book, so that the readers are discovering the world alongside the characters.   By Book 3, the full map is included: