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TeenChic: Young Adult Heroine Edition (Satirical Magazine Cover)

Welcome to another one of my random late-night entertainments: making satirical magazine covers!

This is a brand-new hobby for me, but--oddly enough--actually quite relaxing! My original inspiration for this idea came from a mock magazine cover I saw floating around on Facebook called "Regency Men's Fitness," and the cover had all kinds of hilarious period-style article titles for men in the Regency era. For whatever reason, I found it really amusing. And then I realized... Oh, hey, I could make things like this, but for book-themed fake target audiences! Instead of Regency Men, my target readership for a fake magazine could be, say, YA Heroines, or Brooding Love Interest Guys, or Paranormal Shifters looking to win over the girl whose love triangle they're stuck in... you know, things like that.

So, here you are, the first in my Satirical Magazine Covers series. I hope it at least gives you a chuckle!



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