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A Great (Free) Resource for Writers!...and something for Readers, too!

Hi, everyone! Whether you're a fellow writer, an avid reader, or both, I've got something fun to share tonight!

First off, I want to tell you all about DreamForge Anvil -- an online science fiction and fantasy magazine that focuses on stories of HOPE. They are also focused on providing some behind-the-scenes edits and notes on why they chose to publish certain stories, to help aspiring writers learn and have a better chance at success with their future submissions. Just a really cool magazine, all around. They just released their second issue, and many of the stories are free to read in their online portal! (Some of their stories do require a subscription--which is very affordable--but you can also read quite a bit for free.)

So, now that I've explained what DreamForge Anvil is, here are some cool things you can check out there right now:

One of my writing mentors has a great article in DreamForge this month -- about how to write great story openings:

I've been studying and applying his writing tips to my short stories for the past couple years, and I've seen a huge improvement in my stories and in their results/rankings in contests and other submissions. I'm still a work in progress when it comes to short-story writing craft, but his tips have definitely helped me to focus my efforts on the core elements of what makes a great short story!

He also has a great sci-fi short story, "Shaken, Not Stirred" in this month's issue, along with Author Notes giving the secrets of how he wrote it!


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