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Brand New Content...and More!

I’m very excited to announce a brand new way for me to offer fun, exciting content for all of you while also increasing my ability to interact with all of you as we go – my new Patreon page!

Patreon is where I’ll be posting most of my ongoing content from here on out, including:

  • Sneak-Peeks and Exclusive Updates

  • Monthly Flash or Short Story

  • An Exclusive First-Read of My Book Chapters as I Write Them!

  • Monthly Live Chat

  • And more!

Patreon will also have tons of available perks for readers, such as:

  • Complimentary e-books

  • Signed paperbacks

  • Random Swag

You can even get exclusive, Patreon-only CCrawfordWriting merchandise!

Patreon enables me to offer all of this for you in a super-interactive, fan-centered, cost-effective way, while still providing me some income so I can keep the lights on and the new books coming. If you are able to support me in any way (even just $2/month!), it would be a huge help to me – and I’ll do my absolute best to make it worth your while with all the fun stuff listed above!

I’m really excited about the opportunity to interact with all of you in a new way. I can’t wait to kick this off in January 2021!

Visit my Patreon to see everything available and to find out more. I hope to see you there!

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