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Changes to Kindle Vella -- good news for readers! ️🎉

As I mentioned in my March email newsletter (which you can read here if you missed it!), there are big changes coming to Kindle Vella this month!

These changes mean GOOD NEWS for readers in two specific ways:

  1. It makes the platform less confusing to navigate, and

  2. It makes the stories on Vella MORE AFFORDABLE for readers.

The first of the changes went into effect already, and the rest will be rolling out over the next few days!

Namely, the changes are:

  • The first 10 episodes will now be free to read. (Previously, the first 3 were free... but 10 will allow readers the chance to try out a story more fully before deciding whether to continue with the locked/paid episodes.) -- THIS CHANGE IS NOW LIVE! THE FIRST 10 EPISODES OF EVERY KINDLE VELLA STORY ARE FREE TO READ!

    • This also means the 200 free token offers will be ending, since now every reader can read 10 episodes free of each story.

  • Every locked episode will cost 10 tokens to unlock, regardless of word count. (They said this was to remove reader confusion about how token costs were calculated, and to make Vella stories more affordable for readers!)

  • There will be new token purchase packages coming, with a lower per-token cost on the value bundles!

The 10 free episodes are already in effect on Kindle Vella, and the token costs per episode should be updating to a flat 10 tokens per episode very soon! The next change will be the new token purchase packages, which should be coming this week as well.

All of these changes are GREAT NEWS for readers, as they make Kindle Vella a much more affordable reading experience.

Now's the perfect time to go read some Vella stories, if you've been wary of trying this new reading style on Amazon!

Of course, I would be remiss as an indie author if I didn't at least give a little plug for my own stories on Kindle Vella...

I have two Leyward Stones serials on Kindle Vella, and one standalone serial. You can find them all here:


  • Macchiatos, Faerie Princes, and Other Things That Happen at Midnight (Leyward Stones, Season 1): (Completed story, ready to binge! NOTE: If you purchased my Leyward Stones books 1-3 in e-book or paperback/hardcover, this is the same storyline/nearly identical content as those books. It was released on Vella first, then published as those books once the serial finished posting.)

  • Fate Rising (Leyward Stones, Season 2): (The next installment in the Leyward Stones story world! This serial is still actively posting, with 61 available episodes and new episodes posting twice a week!)

  • Ghost Trouble: (This is a short, sweet standalone paranormal rom-com with some deeper themes about loss, grief, and moving on. Completed and ready to binge!)

To my loyal readers---THANK YOU for all your support, and for reading my words. It's still crazy to me that I write things, and actual people read them! Imagine that!

I genuinely appreciate all of you.

And if you're new here, I would love it if you'd give my stories a try! You can find my Vella stories at the links above, or find out more about the rest of my books and projects at

Thank you all so much for being here! <3


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