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Free Books - 1 Week Only!

Hi, everyone! I just wanted to send out a quick message between my regular newsletters to let you know about a promotion my books are in this week...

It starts Monday, September 21st and ends on Sunday, September 27th.

You can click the image above or click here:!

This is a Giveaway promotion, meaning all the books are completely free... and you can choose as many as you want!

Authors use promos to find new readers who might be interested in their particular genre and style of writing, so many of the books will ask you to subscribe to that author's email list in exchange for getting the free book. But you can always unsubscribe from any of the newsletters later (using the regular "unsubscribe" button in the emails that author later sends you) if you decide a particular book or that author isn't a good fit for you. Giveaway promos like this are great, because you get a free book (or two... or twelve...), you get added to the notification list to hear more about future books from the new authors you hopefully now love, and the authors get more readers and followers--it's wins all around!

This particular promo is a general one for both fiction and non-fiction, so there's a good variety of books available, from self-help to fantasy to romance and more.

I'll be taking part in several more free book promos in the next few weeks, and I'll provide more info on those in my October newsletter. But this particular promo only runs for this week, so I wanted to get the word out while I could!



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