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I Sold A Story!!!

Updated: May 6, 2021

I am VERY excited to announce that I will have a short story appearing in a future issue of DreamForge Anvil later this year!

(The current issue is pictured above.)

The story, "Our Kind," is my first short story sale!

"Our Kind" is a side story set in the same world as my current series-in-progress, Leyward Stones. I wrote this story as an exercise in exploring the Leyward Stones world through side characters, but it quickly took on a life of its own as Quinn's voice asserted itself and I realized she had her own story that deserved to be told!

If you'd like updates on when and how you can read this story, please subscribe to my newsletter! I send out a monthly newsletter with all the latest info and updates.

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I am thrilled to be included in this Fantasy & Science Fiction magazine, and I can't wait to share Quinn's story with all of you!


Also... I just need to give a shout-out to:

--Wulf Moon and the Super Secrets workshop. My short story skills have leveled up more in the past 2 years of his workshop than in all my previous years of writing combined. (He has a book coming out later this year, and seriously guys, if you write short stories, there's no single writing resource I recommend more highly! You can sign up for his newsletter to get updates on the upcoming release of his Super Secrets book here:

--MJ Padgett for being my absolute most loyal reader and feedback person! (Check out her books, too, she's awesome!

--My Alpha team for being willing to read my half-baked first drafts and for your amazing story-reaction comments and emoji skills.

--Jason for always supporting me in my writing and listening to endless rambling story ideas

--The Crit Quad for all your feedback and encouragement while I was writing this story (and all the rest of the Wulf Pack, too, for being so encouraging and helpful and all-around awesome. You all ROCK!)

--and of course, DreamForge's owner and editor Scot Noel, for being so very encouraging and helpful to new authors, for producing an awesome publication, and for believing in Quinn's story. Scot does so much to help aspiring authors. I attended a series of Saturday classes he taught a few months ago and his teaching helped me work through some rough patches in what I was working on... in fact, this was the story I was writing at the time!

If you like to read Fantasy and Science Fiction, please consider subscribing to DreamForge Anvil. It's incredibly affordable, and, as you can see in their post below, all the proceeds go to pay the authors and illustrators featured in the zine.

(And my story will be in a future issue! In case that's a motivation at all... ;) )

You can get more info on DreamForge Anvil (and subscribe, if you'd like!) here:

I sold a story!! (Just once more, you know, in case the people on the mountaintops couldn't hear it the first time from all the way down here in Florida.)

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