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My Story is Out In the Big, Wide World!

My first professional short story sale I announced a few months ago is now PUBLISHED, and my story is live and out there in the big, wide world! 🥳🙌🎉 Just released tonight!

You can read "Our Kind" for FREE right now in DreamForge Anvil's Issue #5:

And there are lots of other amazing stories and articles available free in this issue, too.

Issue 5's theme is "Facing the Dark":

"An optimistic outlook does not guarantee success. Hope, like courage, is the ability to strive for positive outcomes in an uncertain world. While perseverance and capability provide the muscle, in the absence of hope we have no motivation to advance, to prosper, and to thrive against all odds."

My short story published in this Issue, "Our Kind," is close to my heart for *several* reasons...

But enough about me! Go forth, read free stories (hopefully including mine), have a blast -- and let me know what you think!

I'd LOVE it if my reader base just showed up in *droves* to read the mess out of my story and all the other great content in this issue! DreamForge Anvil really is a great magazine, and I'm super honored to be included in this Issue.

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Great story, Crystal!!!!

Crystal Crawford
Crystal Crawford
Oct 17, 2021
Replying to

Thank you!!


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