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Season 2 of The Leyward Stones is live on Kindle Vella!

Fate Rising (the next installment in the Leyward Stones story world) is now available on Kindle Vella!

There are now 5, brand-new episodes available to read, and new episodes will be posting to Vella every Tuesday and Saturday!

This new serial can be read independently of the first serial/the first Leyward Stones trilogy, but if you've read the previous Leyward stories, you'll notice some fun cameos and crossovers!

Blurb for Fate Rising:

When Lena befriends the mysterious new boy next door, she discovers a terrifying folklore creature is targeting her father. To save him, Lena must dive into a dangerous world of Fae, magic, secrets, & a war she never knew existed. What she learns could change her life--and the LeyGuard--forever.

Find Fate Rising on Vella here:

or just search "Fate Rising Crystal Crawford" on Amazon!

As always on Kindle Vella, the first 3 episodes are free to read.

(If you're not a fan of Kindle Vella, I'm also posting all these episodes inside my PirateCat Publishing subscription portal, which you can find here.)

This new storyline is going to be a lot of fun... check out the first few episodes and let me know what you think!

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