The Stalker Mystery Set...

...a romantic comedy series with a mystery twist.

So what is the Stalker Mystery Set ?

After far too much drama in high school, Anissa is looking forward to a clean slate in college. But when she accidentally hits “Reply All” and confesses her crush to the entire Physics class, her plans for a calm first semester implode into chaos. Anissa must now field nosy classmates, an obnoxious ex, and a mystery secret admirer she’s rapidly falling for – but if she doesn’t figure out who he is within 30 days, he may be gone for good.

The first book in this series (I’m Not a Stalker) was initially posted on Wattpad, and garnered over 1.3 million reads there! I’m Not a Stalker is told exclusively through texts and emails (it’s a quick, fun, emotional rollercoaster of a book with lots of twists). The published version also includes bonus chapters and a bonus novella, written by reader request after the initial book gained its following.

Book 2 of the series, The Five Suspects, is a multi-POV narrative which explores the tangled web of secrets and deception behind the story of the first book. Initially written to sate readers’ demand for a deeper look into the guys’ perspectives, it follows the timeline of book 1, revealing shocking info and surprises as Anissa scrambles to keep figure out who her admirer is. From the guys’ POV, this is a very different story! Think less romantic comedy, and more suspense – but still with a heavy dose of humor. Book 2 can be read as a standalone, though it works best if you’ve already read Book 1. (But don’t read Book 2 before Book 1 – Book 2 will totally spoil the mystery of the first book!)

You can find The Stalker Mystery Set on Amazon, Barnes and Noble, and other major online book retailers.

A spin-off story about one of the side characters is also available...You can get Let It Burn free when you subscribe to my newsletter!

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