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What's a Pirate Cat?

What if there were a place where you could…

...access an entire website full of clean YA books that are actually appropriate for 12-18 year olds?

...interact on those books, commenting on chapters and chatting back and forth with other readers and the books’ authors?

...choose an existing story world to dive into and binge through whole series, and also access ongoing stories with chapters posted several times a month?

...join message boards and community chats to discuss your favorite stories or request new types of content from the authors, see behind-the-scenes things like the authors’ private story-world encyclopedias, and get bonus e-books, character art, printable bookmarks, and more?

What if you could get all this for an affordable monthly subscription, with new content added regularly?

You can.

Introducing PirateCat, a portal for clean YA fiction from CCrawfordWriting and M.J. Padgett Books!

You’ll be able to access all the existing YA content from both authors, plus ongoing updates from new series-in-progress, all in an interactive format that enables us to truly build a community around clean YA fiction.

We believe YA fiction should actually be appropriate for young adult readers… and that’s why on PirateCat, every story will meet our established “clean” standards (no on-page sexual content; romance focuses on emotion and/or stops at "just kisses”; language/profanity PG-13 level or less; violence PG-13 or less), and each story world will have an easy, at-a-glance rating that notes any concerns for difficult subject matter and/or intense situations.

When you join PirateCat, you’ll not only get access to lots of YA content you can read anytime you want—you’ll also be helping to support two authors who are super passionate about quality YA content for readers, and who hope and pray that their humble little project might be the first ripple toward some majorly positive waves in the world of YA publishing.

It’s coming soon! We’re hard at work on the platform, right now, and we plan to launch later this summer.

PirateCat: Read. Chat. Explore… and support the creation of more clean YA fiction.

That’s our thing.

We’re hoping it sounds like your kind of thing, too.

Subscribe to our newsletter at to be the first to know when we’re close to launch!


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