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YA Clean Reads Book Review: Evernigh

Today is book release day for Evernigh by M.J. Padgett!

I beta-read this book prior to its release, and it's such a fantastic, well-developed fantasy! If you're into epic fantasy, definitely check out this book!

Its protagonists are young adults--probably upper teens to early twenties, I'd guess--so it makes a perfect recommendation for my YA Clean Reads list.

Grab the book on Amazon (paperback and e-book), Kobo, or Nook -- or read my full review below for more information!

If you'd like to watch a video version of this review, click the video below. Otherwise, read on! ;)

Book Review: Evernigh

Author: M.J. Padgett

Story Quality: 5/5 BookDragons

Parental Chill Factor: 5/5 Happy Penguins

Genre: Epic Fantasy

Series or Standalone: Series. This is Book 1, with 2 more planned.

Rapid Review:

This book is an excellent high fantasy set in a world of allied Kingdoms with seasonal magic, but it’s not a fae story like you might expect with that magic construct. The magic system is actually very interesting and unique, and the story definitely has an epic fantasy feel with a strong romance subplot.

It’s dual POV, so you follow the King of Evernigh in one POV, and Nari Crossway, a girl helping her sisters care for their farm after their father—a soldier who’d served with the king—has died. It has a strong “kingdoms at war” undertone, balanced by a plotline about Nari’s own personal distress that puts her in direct conflict with the King himself, when he passes an edict that would make Nari and her sisters lose their family’s land and livelihood.

Romance and relationships become a key plot element when Nari hatches a plan to marry the King’s brother, a rascal prince, in order to secure her family’s survival. The characters and kingdoms are human, but with powerful magic.

There’s lots of mystery and intrigue from the get-go, plus a sweet, enemies-to-love romance that builds slowly throughout the book—and lots of drama, suspense, and action as the story develops. And some twists I didn’t see coming!

(You can read the official blurb/book description for Evernigh on M.J. Padgett's website here!)

Tropes: Enemies-to-love, Character discovering magic

Content Warning: Some violence, but nothing above PG-13. There is at least one scene with a lot of death/blood which might be intense or disturbing to young readers, but it is not overly graphic.

Actual Age Recommendation: 13+...Possibly 11+ if ready for romantic storylines and some violence.

I do highly recommend this book for readers who enjoy epic fantasy and fantasy romance!

Sound like something you or your teen would enjoy?

Grab your own copy of Evernigh at the links below!

Amazon (ebook and paperback):


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