YA Clean Reads Book Reviews: I'm Pretty Sure You're Gonna Miss Me, Ronin McKinsey

Hello, everyone, and welcome to my very first YA Clean Reads Book Review post! I'm starting this project as a way to help parents find "Clean" Young Adult Reads for their teens. (For more information on the Facebook group that I started to help parents share recommendations, learn about YA books, and more, click here.)

For the purposes of my YA Clean Reads standards, "Clean" is defined as:

  • No on-page sexual content (romance that focuses on emotion and/or stops at "just kisses" is okay)

  • Language/profanity PG-13 level or less

  • Violence PG-13 or less (nothing extremely graphic)

I'll be covering all kinds of different genres with my recommendations, but today we're kicking off with a classic teen genre (and one it can be very hard to find clean reads in): Romantic Comedy!

And what better book to start with than my brand-new favorite (seriously, I just read it this week but I love this book!):

I'm Pretty Sure You're Gonna Miss Me, Ronin McKinsey by M.J. Padgett.

If you prefer to watch the video review I posted on YouTube, you can watch me rambling about how much I love this book and explaining what my BookDragon and Penguins ratings mean here:

Otherwise, read on for my written version of this review!

YA Clean Reads Book Review:

I’m Pretty Sure You’re Gonna Miss Me, Ronin McKinsey

Author: M.J. Padgett

(You can get this book here!)

Overall Rating

Story Quality: 5/5 Contented BookDragons

(This has to do with the overall story: Is it engaging and well-written?)

Parental Chill Factor: 4/5 Happy Penguins

(Can a parent relax -- chill -- and let their teen read this book without worrying about its themes or content?)


Romantic Comedy

Series or Standalone:

Series, but each book follows a different main couple (though previous books’ characters make cameos). 2 books published in series so far; several more planned.


Hazel is dumped in a spectacularly humiliating way, and decides to try to make her ex-boyfriend jealous to win him back. It… does not go as planned. But in the process, Hazel discovers she deserves—and has right in front of her—something much better.

Rapid Review:

I love this book. I put off reading it a long time, because I’m not always in the mood for romantic comedy, but I really should have read this sooner!